What is best way to get small sites their own dedicated IP address, so reverse IP address lookups won't reveal other sites on same server?

June 13, 2019 155 views

On one of my Digital Ocean accounts I have multiple websites. If someone does a reverse IP check, they are able to view all of the domain names on the server, since they all share the same IP address.

One solution would be to create a droplet for each site, but it would be expensive to have to get a cPanel license for each droplet. Any suggestions please?

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bobbyiliev MOD June 14, 2019
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As you may know, DO doesn't allow more than 1 IP per droplet.

So I personally believe that the best way to achieve the thing that you want to is to put those small sites behind a CDN so that if someone tries to do a revers IP check they would be getting to the CDN's IP address and not your actual server IP address.

Hope that this helps.

  • I believe that even a free solution like Cloudflare works with this. I use it on my install and it works well

Great solution, thank you!

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