Whats the best way to update my Django site on DigitalOcean?

November 16, 2016 2.9k views
Ubuntu 16.04 Django

I have a basic website that I have in Git, recently I created an Ubuntu droplet here on DO and then cloned my site from git in the new server and finished setting it up running on Nginx.

I have since then made changes to my site locally and pushed the changes to git, what is the best way to update the site on DO now? Should I clone it again from git or upload via ftp or is there another solution?

thank you

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Either option would work. I would recommend using a git pull to pull the updates to your master branch since this will also clean up any files that have been removed. Using FTP/SFTP would simply copy the new files over the old and would not handle deletions.

If you wanted to take things a step further you could add a script to your site that acts as a webhook. With this in place, merging your changes into the master branch on github could kick off a git pull on your server and keep your live site in sync with the master branch of your git repository.

i am using the git pull origin master command but it isn’t updating my python files like views, forms etc. All other files like html files are updated

  • Just restart the gunicorn with this 2 command below

    1. sudo systemctl daemon-reload

    2. sudo systemctl restart gunicorn

    ps it is gunicorn which update your files

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