Which is the best way to create multiple sites on Nginx/Ubuntu droplet?

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It would be a great help if you can guide me on this matter as I’m kinda stuck here and not able to move ahead to complete my server setup.

I’ve completed the LEMP stack setup on my droplet.

Now, I need to install multiple WordPress sites on Nginx/Ubuntu. I’ve three ideal guides to follow:




Guide #2 seems simple and systematic but it does not use the common/wordpress/multisite .conf files as guide #1 does. The guide #3 is detailed but is different from guide #1 and #2 and doesn’t create the .conf files as mentioned.

Are the common/wordpress/multisite .conf files (Guide #1) essential as I wonder why others are not using them in their installations?

Can you give me your expert guidance based on your experience as to which guide I should follow? (I already created setup for one site using guide #2).


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I’d stay away from any articles encouraging you to use a non-LTS Ubuntu release. Ubuntu 14.04 is an LTS release which means it will be supported for many years. Every two years Ubuntu does an LTS release. The next will be 16.04 in April next year. Any article encouraging you to use a non-LTS release such as 15.04 in production is setting you up for extra work such as having to migrate your sites to a new server or do a risky OS upgrade in the not-so-distant future.

Rather than doing the server configuration yourself, have you considered using ServerPilot to manage your server for hosting multiple WordPress sites on a droplet?

  • Thanks for your reply. I knew I’ve the option of ServerPilot but I want to give it a try myself first. Good of you to highlight the LTS and non-LTS issue. Frankly, I had no idea about it. Now that I’m on 15.04, is it possible to still roll back to 14.04?

  • The best way would be to backup your files & databases and rebuild the Droplet using Ubuntu 14.04. ServerPilot installs Nginx, Apache, PHP and MySQL, so rebuild using the base image instead of a LEMP stack.