Which should I use jQuery vs VueJS

Posted January 3, 2020 11.2k views

I’ve recently started watching VueJS as everyone has been saying it’s easier than jQuery( I watched some course on that as well). However I’ve been trying to build a testing application and hit some problems I couldn’t resolve using VueJS.

So my question is, is it okay to continue watching VueJS or point my time into learning jQuery?

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Hi @Remdore,

As you most probably are aware, they do the same thing with some differences. With jQuery being available for more than 10 years around, it’s certainly proved it’s worth while VueJS is kinda new to the world however rightfully so has been gaining more and more fame for it’s speed and easiness of doing things.

I’ll recommend you to read this article of Schot.IO about Jquery and Vuejs :

Here is a glimpse of it:

When to use jQuery
jQuery can be used for multiple things. A lot of libraries and plugins require it because you can do simple things like alter an input’s value or get a div’s content to create amazing slideshows/galleries and wonderful animations.

When to use Vue.js
Vue is suitable for small projects where you just want to add a little bit of reactivity, submit a form with AJAX, show the user a modal, display the value of an input as the user is typing, or many other similarly straightforward things. It’s scalable and also fantastic for huge project. This is why it’s referred to as the progressive framework.


  • Ah I see,

    The article was pretty good however I don’t feel like I understood everything.

    What I was asking was more like a personal reference which one is better.

    • It’s okay, it’s not something you would get on the first try, the willingness is important.

      Okay, let me give you my point of view. I’m relatively new to VueJS as well, been using it for about 4-5 months, not more however what I like as to opposed to jQuery is the easiness of fetching HTML elements. In jQuery you have to use the ID or the class of the object then you need to extract the value while with VueJS it’s must more straightforward and clean.

      One other thing, the errors you get are 100% human readable, the error is meant for you to read and it’s readable as opposed to jQuery and other languages like that.