Why my pings are not equal?

Posted September 29, 2018 1.3k views
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I just ping from my home pc i get 59ms avg ping
when i try to ping my droplet(on fra1) from my home pc i get 80ms avg ping

so why my droplet pings are higher then digitalocean’s pings ? (+20)?

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4 answers

My droplet to my pc ping is same as my pc to my dropley = 80ms
see link below for traceroutes. first one is my pc to my droplet second is my pc to speedtest

  • Yep I can see the 20ms diff. Curious if the extra hop you see in the traceroute to your IP is consistent on repetition. One other thing to try is the floating IP. Since it’s allocated from a box sitting closer to the edge in the same DC. Try it to see if you get the same latency.

Sorry but I have to ask the obvious, the speedtest node is in Frankfurt, is your node also in frankfurt?

Also, keep in mind that speedtest nodes are going to be mega-optimized for ping, traceroute, bandwidth, and latency. So they’ll likely be sitting on the edge of the network not behind X routers, and Y distribution switches along the route. That’s because the speedtest results from these nodes are going to make or break a potential customer.

Another possible factor is the firewall layering. Are you using DO’s firewall as well as your node’s firewall? Iptables rule processing will likely add to latency.

Yes my node is in Frankfurt.
I have firewall but no any difference on or off - same pings happen
Also i have a same VM on google cloud (Frankfurt). when i try to ping, i get same ping as ( = 59ms
so from my pc to google Frankfurt VM ping = 59ms
from my pc to = 59ms
from my pc to my Frankfurt Droplet = 80ms

I dont get the point what behind on this results

Can you try a ping from frankfurt droplet to your PC? Also, a traceroute from your pc to your droplet and then from your pc to the speedtest. At least then you’ll know if you’re comparing apples to apples (same number of hops).