Why should I "change your password now and login again"?

February 20, 2019 307 views
Automated Setups Ubuntu 18.04

Hey everyone!

I followed this script to create a new droplet https://github.com/do-community/automated-setups/blob/master/Ubuntu-18.04/initial_server_setup.sh.

Could somebody tell me why when I log in through ssh with the user sammy it keeps telling me You must change your password now and login again!? While when I log in with root, it works just fine.

Did I miss something? What could I do?


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jarland MOD February 20, 2019
Accepted Answer

Hey friend,

It is this line right here in the script:

chage --lastday 0 "${USERNAME}"

This sets the password of the user to expire immediately.


Thanks for you answer Jarland!

Actually what I don't really understand it's the reference to a password. The goal is to log in with a key, not a password. No password is defined.

So why do I get this message? And what should I do to not set any password?

  • If you remove that line in the script you should be all set. I'm quite sure at least :)

    • Well I get "Permission denied (publickey)" now.

      But let's say you answered my question :)

      Thanks a lot!

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