Wordpress Server not Found

August 14, 2019 124 views
WordPress Ubuntu 18.04

I created a wordpress site just fine. We were building the site on it and were going to export it so we could upload it to a different server at a later date.

The address is

When I logon now all of a sudden it says 404 Not Found. When I log into the console via terminal I see that it cannot “stat” wordpress and html. I don’t know what went wrong, and we really need to be able to get in to export our website files.

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Are you able to ssh to your droplet? Confirm that Wordpress files are still in /var/www/html. Check the permissions while you’re there as well.

I have read a lot of permission issues especially with WordPress installations.

  • I figured it out. Turns out that mysql for wordpress somehow wiped all of my user accounts out. Once I added them back and restarted apache2 it started working again. Thank you!

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