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Developers use automation to eliminate repetitive manual work in order to gain efficiency, and eliminate problems of reliability caused by configuration drift. Automated Setups focus on providing automation guides for common server configurations.

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  • Question

    Composer install not working with user_data setup script

    Hi, I'm trying to setup an automated script that should basically be able to automatically clone a project from my Github and install its dependencies via Composer. Here is a simple version of the user_data that I'm s...
    Accepted Answer: I finally found my solution It turns out that while running the composer-setup.php through a setup script, this message will appear: The HOME or COMPOSER_HOME environment variable must be set for composer to run cor...
    2 By MartinMarx Automated Setups PHP DigitalOcean
  • Question

    How to set droplet auto reboot when cpu usage above 90%

    Hi, i need help. My droplet's CPU usage sometimes go above 90% and stay like that. This make my website timeout. Is there any way to set auto reboot droplet when CPU usage go above 90%?
    Accepted Answer: Hi @mazelanrahman, You can write a script to check for your load and reboot your droplet however <^>I wouldn't recommend it<^>. If your CPU gets higher than 90 % it means two things, you either need to upgrade or some...
    1 By mazelanrahman Apache Applications Automated Setups Debian 10 Debian DigitalOcean
  • Question

    Create a pre-installed image for marketplace like Cloudways

    I have just switched from DigitalOcean to Cloudways due too their extremly fast recipe with Varnish + Apache + Nginx ( - and it increased my server by 300% d...
    Accepted Answer: We love big ideas! :) Thanks for sharing this feedback.
    1 By mattiasf Nginx Apache Caching WordPress Custom Images Automated Setups Initial Server Setup One-Click Install Apps Server Optimization
  • Question

    How Set-Up Automatic Update of Let's Encrypt Certificate

    Hi everyone, Today one of my website get those email from Let`s Encrypt: ``` Hello, Your certificate (or certificates) for the names listed below will expire in 10 days (on 18 Jul 19 17:40 +0000). Please make sure t...
    Accepted Answer: Hi, You can run this code on your putty to get Automatic Update of Let's Encrypt Certificate. sudo certbot renew --dry-run Reference: Please refer this
    1 By JeremyKen Apache Automated Setups DigitalOcean Initial Server Setup Let's Encrypt WordPress Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    Automatically Restart Script when Droplet Loses Connection

    I am using a Ubuntu droplet. Today discord servers went down which caused my bot to disconnect. I am not familiar with Linux at all and I was hoping to get some guidance here. I want my script to automati...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, There are a few ways to do that. The easiest way to run scripts after a reboot is to add them to the /etc/rc.local file Another simple solution would be to use @reboot in your crontab. If you want to do it pro...
    1 By mmcclur2 Automated Setups
  • Question

    “user_data” script can't run a sed command

    I am creating a DigitalOcean droplet through their API. I am using their "user_data" feature to run commands upon creation. This issue is that the "sed" command doesn't work for this, and I can't understand why. It wo...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @Rainn Looking at this I can see that you're not using any options for the sed command itself. Usually the -i option should change the data for you, so it will be sed -i Let me know how this goes.
    1 By Rainn DigitalOcean API Automated Setups
  • Question

    i've auto added a 100gb volume to my droplet for storage, how do i save and retrieve files from the volume, what path would i use?

    apologies for the novice question. I am a beginner at all of this. I've been working on an app using the laravel framework with forge/digitalocean, and came to realize I needed much larger storage. After some research...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, Great question! I don't really use larvel myself but this should be a generic Linux question regardless of that, but just know that this is where I come from when answering it. Let's say your Laravel proje...
    1 By meloku Block Storage Automated Setups DigitalOcean Getting Started PHP PHP Frameworks Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    The provided ssh_keys value must be an array.

    I'm receiving The provided ssh_keys value must be an array., and I've tried various dumping of the array of ssh key ids. using API attribute described in
    Accepted Answer: ok, figured it out! the issue is with formatting the params. it has to be like 'ssh_keys[]': [123] instead of 'ssh_keys': [123].
    3 By traumalligator API Automated Setups Ghost Python Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    Why should I "change your password now and login again"?

    Hey everyone! I followed this script to create a new droplet Could somebody tell me why when I log in through ssh with t...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, It is this line right here in the script: chage --lastday 0 "${USERNAME}" This sets the password of the user to expire immediately. Jarland
    2 By brunob Automated Setups Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    Cron files task ubuntu

    Hello guys, My VPS is generating miliaries of files every minute with the names: Cron.1 Cron.2 Cron.3 ... Cron.5000 Within each file there is the phrase: Cron task processed! The location of the files is always in / h...
    Accepted Answer: It's likely a cron job that runs and provides some feedback on its run. Try this from the console/command line: crontab -u admin -l
    2 By rafaeloliveiraz System Tools Automated Setups Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    newbie question - moving from cpanel based hosting to digital ociean style - transition pangs

    Hello, I am a hosting reseller and have been selling cpanel hosting for long now. It makes our work easier and our servers are maintained by the hosting provider. I got introduced to digital ocean through my programme...
    1 By webkuteer Applications Automated Setups Configuration Management DigitalOcean WordPress
  • Question

    How To Set Up Automatic Deployment with Git with a VPS

    As I was following through the tutorial on the same topic (, I successfully established a git repo at the vps, I ...
    0 By drzeb Deployment Git DigitalOcean Automated Setups
  • Question

    Transfer AWS Elastic Beanstalk to DigitalOcean?

    Hi there, In my small company, we're currently hosting our database and management server in the AWS Elastic Beanstalk. We're considering to move to DigitalOcean for a better performance and support. The application u...
    0 By twoizonemusic Applications Automated Setups Cloud Computing MySQL
  • Question

    how I add password

    I can add password to server In addition to key? then I can open server or with key or with password
    1 By bsdaminut Automated Setups
  • Question

    What's the best way to sell VPS hosting through DigitalOcean?

    Hello, I'm interested in starting up a hosting business through the DigitalOcean system. My plan is to start off by offering VPS hosting (automated with WHMCS). I've had a look and can see that there are different way...
    1 By coinlawyer20757 Control Panels Conceptual Automated Setups Ubuntu
  • Question

    Mirror Basic Ubuntu Configuration and Supporting Services over Multiple Droplets to Reduce Maintenance

    We want to mirror all basic configurations and updates applied to a master Ubuntu droplet to other droplets. They all use Apache, ProFTP, Webmin, MySQL, UFW, fail2ban, SSH, Docker. Every install has specific service...
    1 By ArkenzielAdministrator Automated Setups
  • Question

    How to auto deploy code on multiple droplets/servers?

    Im using LAMP stack droplets. Im looking for automated deployment tool or method to push my code on multiple servers at once. Im using Load balancer for 2 droplets. When i push some code to droplet1, it should also be...
    1 By lalithaxlrose Deployment Automated Setups
  • Question

    My webhooks aren't working

    I've followed the tutorial here: I've used the exact same files as them. I've setup a ssh key in m...
    1 By strommj20 Automated Setups
  • Question

    how to access GrandNode administration dashboard after machine reboot?

    i have installed grandnode and reboot my laptop.
    2 By nurbliss25 Automated Setups
  • Question

    How to we can access the (centos) server error log without logging in server?

    I am using Apache2 server and want to check error log in my admin dashboard, currently every time we need to log-in into server for checking server logs but I want all logs are store in db so I can easy access this on...
    1 By PriyankaSankhala Apache Logging Arch Linux CentOS Server Optimization PHP Automated Setups LAMP Stack