Building a Discord Bot in Python [Canceled]
Building a Discord Bot in Python [Canceled]

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Building a Discord Bot in Python [Canceled]

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Hey everyone!

We’re sad to announce that we have to cancel this talk. The Python library,, has very recently been deprecated and will no longer receive maintenance. There currently isn’t a good alternative library that has full discord functionality, so for this reason, we’re canceling the talk. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about a library that will be out of date in the near future. I will happily reschedule this talk if/when the situation is resolved.

All the best,

About the Talk

Discord is becoming an ever more popular tool for open source communities to connect. Discord isn’t just a great chat and voice app, it also has a rich ecosystem for extending and building bots. Get an overview of the Discord Python library, how Discord handles events, and build your first Discord bot!

What You’ll Learn

How to build and deploy your very own Discord bot

This Talk Is Designed For

Developers who want to build discord bots


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