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Enabling New Possibilities for Real-Time, Scalable Video Streaming

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About the Talk

How does true connectivity feel, virtually? These days, passive viewing of livestreams just isn’t enough. How can we create unique interactive experiences that our audience craves, especially now?

Chris Allen, cofounder and CEO of Red5 Pro, discusses the latest trends in real-time video streaming, and the impact interactivity is having on the end-user experience. He also dives into a few different use cases and talks about Red5 Pro’s approach to providing sub-500 ms latency to millions of concurrent viewers using their WebRTC-based, cross-cloud distribution system built on DigitalOcean.

Key Takeaways

  • How to deploy a highly scalable live video streaming system using Red5 Pro and DigitalOcean
  • Types of applications that best benefit from adding real-time video functionality
  • How you can build and scale your network-intensive application on DigitalOcean while optimizing your bandwidth costs

About the Presenters

A professional software architect and an engineer for more than 15 years, Chris Allen (@mrchrisallen) led the team that reverse engineered RTMP, Adobe Flash’s video streaming protocol launching the open source server Red5. He founded Infrared5 in 2007 with his wife, Rebecca, and technical cofounder, Dominick, to respond to the demand for custom software built on Red5. In the last few years, the company launched, Red5 Pro, a proprietary version that enables real-time streaming capabilities at a huge scale. Additionally, Chris is a leader in the open source community, coauthoring The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash, and regularly presenting at startup, technology, and interactive conferences around the world.

Alexis Reyes is a senior solutions engineer with more than 10 years of data center experience. Certified in Azure, AWS, VMware, and Redhat, Alexis focuses on understanding the customer’s business, technology, how the business and tech align, and enabling the customer’s journey toward the cloud.


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