Everything You Want To Know About GitOps
Everything You Want To Know About GitOps

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Everything You Want To Know About GitOps

CI/CDTech Talksdeploy 2021


About the Talk

GitOps core concepts, benefits of using Flux as a continuous delivery solution, and implementation best practices for performing at-scale deployments with GitOps.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is GitOps
  • How to get started with Flux
  • Implementing GitOps with Flux V2
  • Bootstrapping a DigitalOcean Kubernetes cluster

About GitOps

GitOps is a set of practices to manage infrastructure and application configurations using Git, an open source version control system. This latest mechanism of continuous delivery (CD) relies on Git as a single source of truth for declaring infrastructure and application configuration.


Flux [Docs]

About The Presenter

Janakiram MSV is a practicing architect, analyst, and advisor focusing on emerging infrastructure technologies. Backed by two decades of experience at Microsoft and AWS, he provides strategic advisory to technology platform companies, startups, ISVs, and enterprises.

Janakiram is an Amazon, Google, Microsoft Certified Cloud Architect, and a Certified Kubernetes Administrator and Certified Kubernetes Application Developer. He is a CNCF Ambassador, Microsoft MVP, Intel Software Innovator, IBM Champion, and Microsoft Regional Director. Janakiram is an active contributor at GigaOm Research, Forbes, The New Stack, and TechRepublic.

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