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Kubernetes Starter Kit for Simplifying Day-2 Operations

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How to Join

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Date Time RSVP
September 28, 2021 11 a.m.–12 p.m. ET / 3–4 p.m. GMT

About the Talk

Kubernetes may be complex, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated!

See how you can save weeks’ worth of work using automated open-source tools that take care of logging, monitoring, optimization, security, backup, and troubleshooting.

What You’ll Learn

  • Ways to simplify Kubernetes “Day 2” operations
  • Best practices to architecting a painless, distributed, and ephemeral cloud infrastructure
  • Creating production-ready Kubernetes clusters using automated, open-source tools like Terraform, Flux, and more

This Talk is Designed For

  • Software developers, SysAdmins, and CTOs
  • Anyone looking to save time on “Day 2” Kubernetes operations
  • Anyone looking to enable cloud portability using cloud–native technologies


Basic knowledge of Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure


Kubernetes on DigitalOcean: Docs and Quickstart

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