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Level Up as an Open Source Contributor

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About the Talk

This talk gives open source contributors the tools to prepare pull requests that will be accepted the first time.

The perfect pull request is correctly branched and shows a good set of changes, so we cover some git advice and how to recover from common mistakes. We also look at the whole package of your contributions, and the impact you can make in the open source world.

Whether you are brand new to open source, or looking to use Hacktoberfest to level up your tech skills, understanding the pull request process from all sides can help you meet your goals.

What You’ll Learn

  • Preparing and submitting pull requests that people will really want to review and merge.
  • Git tricks for working with forks and branches.

This Talk is Designed For

  • Open source contributors of all levels, who want to produce more complete pull requests that are ready to be accepted.
  • Software developers who are participating in Hacktoberfest.


  • Basic knowledge of Git commits.


About the Presenter

Lorna Mitchell (@lornajane) is a Developer Advocate at Vonage and a published author and conference speaker. Lorna is passionate about open source technologies and sharing knowledge, code and experiences with developers everywhere. In her spare time, Lorna blogs at Lorna is based in Yorkshire, UK.

About Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest is a monthlong celebration of open source software, organized by DigitalOcean. Complete the 2020 challenge and earn a tree or a limited edition T-shirt.

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