Networking Best Practices To Power Your Kubernetes Deployment
Networking Best Practices To Power Your Kubernetes Deployment

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Networking Best Practices To Power Your Kubernetes Deployment

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About the Talk

In the cloud-native era, networking plays a vital role for businesses to offer reliable services to their customers. A typical application in Kubernetes runs multiple microservices that interconnect with each other and leverage multiple networking resources.

In this session, DigitalOcean engineers discuss choosing the right networking configuration for your business and walk through common setups and lessons learned when creating an efficient and secure application.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to secure and isolate your network using DigitalOcean Kubernetes
  • How to ingress external traffic — getting traffic from external clients into your cluster reliably
  • Benefits and trade-offs of different routing strategies



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Timo Reimann, Senior Software Engineer, DigitalOcean
Timo Reimann is a Senior Software Engineer responsible for the Managed Kubernetes product who has been working with Kubernetes and other container orchestrator systems for more than 5 years. He is an active member of the Kubernetes community and co-maintains some of the team’s open source projects, including DigitalOcean cloud controller manager and CSI driver.

Varsha Varadarajan, Software Engineer, DigitalOcean
Varsha Varadarajan is a Software Engineer on the containers team with 3+ years of experience working on Kubernetes. We develop and manage the DOKS ecosystem for DO customers. I like working on Kubernetes related projects and building highly performant services.

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