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Steering Kubernetes on DigitalOcean With Pulumi

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About the Talk

Learn how Pulumi — an open source infrastructure as code SDK and SaaS platform — helps you to leverage real programming languages to overhaul the complexity of deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters and workloads. Let’s build infrastructure stacks, and explore how to operate your cluster and app lifecycles moving forward.

What You’ll Learn

  • Infrastructure as code concepts
  • How to use programming languages to manage your infrastructure
  • Deploying simple examples and a DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes (DOKS) cluster
  • Using multitenancy in a DOKS cluster
  • Testing your infrastructure

This Talk is Designed For

  • Application developers who need to stand up scalable services to support their apps.
  • DevOps and Cloud Engineers who are looking for an easier way to define and manage Kubernetes resources.


A general understanding of programming concepts. Pulumi supports most popular programming languages including JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Golang, and .NET.

About the Presenter

Mike Metral (@mikemetral) is an Engineer at Pulumi where he helps develop the Pulumi Platform to define, deploy, and manage Cloud Native Infrastructure and Kubernetes as Code.

Prior to Pulumi, Mike worked at CoreOS as Chief Architect of Field Engineering taking customers to production with Kubernetes – CoreOS was acquired by RedHat in 2018. He also held various technical roles in distributed systems, virtualization, and cloud computing at Rackspace, and with the U.S. Government at Sandia National Labs.


Doc: Getting Started With Pulumi on DigitalOcean

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