Cipi Control Panel (Open Source)

With Cipi you don’t need to be a Sys Admin to deploy and manage websites and PHP applications powered by cloud VPS.

What is Cipi?

Cipi is a Laravel based cloud server control panel that supports Digital Ocean, AWS, Linode, Azure, Vultr, Google Cloud and other VPS. It comes with nginx, Mysql, multi PHP-FPM versions, multi-users, Supervisor, Composer, npm, free Let’s Encrypt certificates, Git deployment, fail2ban, Redis, API and with a simple graphical interface useful to manage Laravel, Codeigniter, Symfony, WordPress or other PHP sites.

How to install Cipi on Digital Ocean?

  • Choose and deploy your Droplet
  • SSH into it as root
  • Run: wget -O - | bash
  • Hold on the end of installation
  • Open a beer… Cheers! Your Control Panel is ready ;)
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