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Schedule frequent backups for your DigitalOcean Droplets, including separate MySQL backups.

While DigitalOcean allows you to take snapshots through their user interface or the API, they have no interface for recurring scheduling and pruning. You can set up backups for any Droplet, but the backups are preset to be done once a week. While that might be good for a small static website, it is not nearly often or flexible enough for an active website, blog, or web app.

While looking for a solution for ourselves and our clients’ servers, we found a few existing services. Some automate taking snapshots of whole Droplets. Others create individual backups of files and databases. Both have significant benefits, but also drawbacks:

  • Snapshot only: Taking Snapshots is the easiest way to backup and restore the Droplet with all the files, databases and settings in a single action. However, taking a snapshot on an active server may result, in rare instances, in a broken database inside the snapshot image.
  • File & Database: This method avoids the issue with missing database records in the backup image, but there is no easy way to restore the whole Droplet in case something critical happens.

At DigitalDam, we combine the benefits of both methods by allowing you to schedule Automatic DigitalOcean snapshots while also scheduling MySQL backups through the same interface. You can have peace of mind that your restoration process will be easy and your data backup will be complete.

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