DigitalOcean For Telegram

Control your DigitalOcean resources from the Telegram messenger

Project on GitHub:
DigitalOcean for Telegram

Project on DockerHub
Docker image


  • Create your personal bot. Just talk to @BotFather or read manual
  • Get your UserId in Telegram @getmyid_bot
  • Create a personal DigitalOcean token
  • Pull docker image docker pull podobaas/digitalocean-telegram-bot
  • Run docker run -d --env TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN=XXX --env TELEGRAM_USER_ID=XXX --env DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN=XXX --name my_do_bot podobaas/digitalocean-telegram-bot:1.0
  • Enjoy!

Available functional:

Account 🌊

  • Account information
  • Information about your credit

Droplets 💧

  • Create new droplet
  • Rename droplet
  • Reboot droplet
  • Power cycle droplet
  • Shutdown droplet
  • Power on droplet
  • Create snapshot
  • Reset password

Firewalls 🏰

  • Create new firewall
  • Add inbound rule to firewall
  • Add outbound rule to firewall
  • Add droplets to firewall
  • Remove droplets from firewall

Projects ✏️

  • Create new project
  • Rename project
  • Change description
  • Change purpose
  • Change environment
  • Set as default project
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