DigitalOcean For Telegram

Control your DigitalOcean resources from the Telegram messenger

Control your DigitalOcean resources from the Telegram messenger.
Authorization based on DigitalOcean Application for API.
For more security, your token is auto revoked after 15 minutes.

Project on GitHub:
DigitalOcean for Telegram

Basic commands:
/start - Authentication in DigitalOcean account
/stop - Revokation your token and delete session data from database

Available functional:

Account 🌊

  • Account information
  • Information about your credit

Droplets 💧

  • Create new droplet
  • Rename droplet
  • Reboot droplet
  • Power cycle droplet
  • Shutdown droplet
  • Power on droplet
  • Create snapshot
  • Reset password

Firewalls 🏰

  • Create new firewall
  • Add inbound rule to firewall
  • Add outbound rule to firewall
  • Add droplets to firewall
  • Remove droplets from firewall

Projects ✏️

  • Create new project
  • Rename project
  • Change description
  • Change purpose
  • Change environment
  • Set as default project
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