The #1 service for PostgreSQL optimization. Performance, security, and architect database issues automatic detection service.

holistic.dev helps to make your database faster, organized and even more secure!

TONS OF RECOMMENDATION RULES to make your database faster and secure, the infrastructure cheaper, and the team happier!

EASY TO START - ABOUT 10 MINUTES with Digital Ocean managed PostgreSQL database or on-premise PostgreSQL database instance.

Store thousands hours
to make your product better, but not for annoying and routine bugfixing

For your eyes only
Get insights without direct database connection and access to any of your data

Static analysis tool
Analyse SQL source code ONLY

No any runtime settings and metrics needed
It is not about EXPLAIN or database configuration

Database autopilot
Get all new insights automatically when it appears

Get database insights for free in playground without registration with some demo DB or your own SQL-queries.

SIGN UP AND TRY OUR PLATFORM to get all benefits from instant, continuous and holistic analysis of your database structure and all queries.

  • No client installation needed
  • All premium features included
  • No credit card needed
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