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Kubernetes on Digital Ocean (Typhoon)

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A minimal and free Kubernetes distribution

Typhoon is a minimal and free Kubernetes distribution provided via Terraform module. Clusters are:

  • Minimal, stable base Kubernetes distribution
  • Declarative infrastructure and configuration
  • Free (freedom and cost) and privacy-respecting
  • Practical for labs, datacenters, and clouds


  • Kubernetes v1.14.1 (upstream, via kubernetes-incubator/bootkube)
  • Single or multi-master, workloads isolated on workers, flannel networking
  • On-cluster etcd with TLS, RBAC-enabled, network policy
  • Ready for Ingress, Dashboards, Metrics, and other optional addons

Getting Started

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  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Bare-Metal
  • DigitalOcean
  • Google Cloud

Operating Systems

  • Container Linux
  • Flatcar Linux
  • Fedora Atomic
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