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  • Tutorial

    An Introduction to Kubernetes

    Kubernetes is a container management system meant to be deployed on Docker-capable clustered environments. In this guide, we will discuss some of the basic concepts that Kubernetes introduces. We will discuss some o...
    By Justin Ellingwood Scaling Docker Kubernetes Networking Conceptual CoreOS
  • Tutorial series

    Getting Started with CoreOS

    CoreOS is a powerful Linux distribution built to make large, scalable deployments on varied infrastructure simple to manage. Based on a build of Chrome OS, CoreOS maintains a lightweight host system and uses Docker co...
    By Justin Ellingwood, Mitchell Anicas and Brennen Bearnes Clustering Docker Scaling System Tools Conceptual CoreOS API DigitalOcean Networking Load Balancing Nginx Security
  • How To Use Etcdctl and Etcd, CoreOS's Distributed Key-Value Store

    Etcd is a globally distributed key-value store that forms the basis of the clustering technology in CoreOS. In this guide, we'll look at etcd and the etcdctl utility and discuss how they can be used to store and retr...
    By Justin Ellingwood Clustering Networking Scaling CoreOS
  • Tutorial

    How To Prepare For Your MySQL 5.7 Upgrade

    This tutorial will help you prepare to upgrade to MySQL 5.7 from earlier versions. It covers sql_mode with practical examples of query responses that get stricter. The tutorial also contains instructions for checking ...
    By Morgan Tocker MySQL Scaling CentOS CoreOS Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu
  • How To Use Confd and Etcd to Dynamically Reconfigure Services in CoreOS

    Etcd is a globally distributed key-value store that is available in CoreOS installations. By registering services in this store, related applications can adjust their configuration based on the values available. In ...
    By Justin Ellingwood Clustering Load Balancing Networking Scaling Nginx CoreOS
  • Tutorial

    How To Perform Continuous Integration Testing with on CoreOS and Docker

    Continuous integration is the development practice of making frequent commits to your code base, building and testing as you go. lets you build and test automatically from a public Git repository.
    By Aaron Shea Docker Deployment CoreOS
  • How To Use Fleet and Fleetctl to Manage your CoreOS Cluster

    The fleet daemon and the fleetctl utility program are essential for managing your CoreOS cluster. A cluster-wide interface to individual systemd instances, this system allows you to manage services throughout your cl...
    By Justin Ellingwood Clustering Scaling Networking System Tools CoreOS
  • Creating a Website and an Email Account on Ajenti V

    In this tutorial, we will setup a basic website using Ajenti V from the Ajenti control panel and create an email account on your website's domain.
    By Jonah Aragon Email Monitoring Control Panels Arch Linux CentOS CoreOS Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu
  • How To Troubleshoot Common Issues with your CoreOS Servers

    CoreOS is an extremely powerful operating system focused on cluster management, security, and containerized service deployments. However, the unconventional way that the system is set up can make troubleshooting some...
    By Justin Ellingwood Docker DigitalOcean Networking CoreOS
  • Installing the RainLoop Email Client on Ajenti V

    RainLoop is a free email client that can access any IMAP/SMTP emails, including Ajenti V's built-in email. It supports multiple accounts, social logins (log in with Twitter, Facebook, etc.), two factor authentication,...
    By Jonah Aragon Email Arch Linux CentOS CoreOS Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu
  • Tutorial

    How To SSH Securely with Kryptonite on DigitalOcean

    SSH is the primary way of connecting to remote Linux servers. Securing this channel is essential to maintaining a secure infrastructure. Kryptonite is a secure solution to protecting your SSH private key. In this guid...
    By Alex Grinman Security DigitalOcean Arch Linux CentOS CoreOS Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
  • How to Create Flexible Services for a CoreOS Cluster with Fleet Unit Files

    Fleet is the cluster-wide service management component of CoreOS. In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at the unit files that define services for CoreOS. We will learn how to create flexible services that ta...
    By Justin Ellingwood Clustering Scaling Networking CoreOS
  • How To Secure Your CoreOS Cluster with TLS/SSL and Firewall Rules

    If you are planning to run a CoreOS cluster in a network environment outside of your control, you may be concerned that etcd communicates over plain HTTP. This guide describes enabling TLS/SSL security and a basic fir...
    By Brennen Bearnes Clustering Security Scaling Networking CoreOS
  • Installing WordPress on Ajenti V

    Ajenti is an open source, web-based control panel that can be used for a large variety of server management tasks. In this tutorial we will install a WordPress blog, using the tools Ajenti V provides.
    By Jonah Aragon WordPress Control Panels Monitoring Arch Linux CentOS CoreOS Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu
  • Tutorial

    How To Set Up a Deis Cluster on DigitalOcean

    Deis is an open source private Platform as a Service (PaaS) that simplifies deploying and managing your applications on your own servers. By leveraging technologies such as Docker and CoreOS, Deis provides a workflow ...
    By Mitchell Anicas Clustering Scaling CoreOS
  • Installing phpMyAdmin on Ajenti V

    phpMyAdmin is a free, web-facing control panel that can access and edit MySQL databases hosted on your server. It integrates with all existing and future databases on your Ajenti server automatically. This tutorial wi...
    By Jonah Aragon Control Panels MySQL Arch Linux CentOS CoreOS Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu
  • Tutorial

    How To Use the Ambassador Pattern to Dynamically Configure Services on CoreOS

    The Docker Links feature enables a method of dynamically configuring network connections between containers, known as the ambassador pattern. The ambassador pattern promotes service portability between provider and co...
    By Mitchell Anicas Configuration Management Apache Docker CoreOS
  • Tutorial

    Deploying Deis with Rigger on DigitalOcean

    This guide steps you through the new and improved Deis provisioning process using the Deis project's new tool called Rigger.
    By Seth Goings Clustering Scaling Docker CoreOS Ubuntu
  • Tutorial series

    How To Troubleshoot SSH

    SSH is the primary method available for managing DigitalOcean Droplets. Dealing with SSH errors or failures can be frustrating because the errors themselves often prohibit you from accessing your servers. This trouble...
    By Javier Castillo II Linux Basics DigitalOcean Arch Linux CentOS CoreOS Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
  • Tutorial

    How To Self-Host ReviewNinja on DigitalOcean Using Docker and CoreOS

    ReviewNinja can improve your team's code review process, and this article will show you how to quickly set up your own self-hosted instance of ReviewNinja on DigitalOcean using Docker and CoreOS.
    By Kevin Qiu Configuration Management Docker Node.js MongoDB CoreOS