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DigitalOcean API Elixir Client library

Elixir client for DigitalOcean API. It covers all DigitalOcean API v2 endpoint calls. Please refer to docs for more information: https://hexdocs.pm/oceanex

  • Oceanex.Resource.Account
    • DigitalOcean Account resource api calls
  • Oceanex.Resource.Action
    • DigitalOcean Action resource api calls
  • Oceanex.Resource.Domain
    • DigitalOcean Domain resource api calls
  • Oceanex.Resource.DomainRecord
    • DigitalOcean DomainRecord resource api calls
  • Oceanex.Resource.Droplet
    • DigitalOcean Droplet resource api calls
  • Oceanex.Resource.FloatingIP
    • DigitalOcean FloatingIP resource api calls
  • Oceanex.Resource.Image
    • DigitalOcean Image resource api calls
  • Oceanex.Resource.Key
    • DigitalOcean SSH Key resource api calls
  • Oceanex.Resource.Region
    • DigitalOcean Region resource api calls
  • Oceanex.Resource.Report
    • DigitalOcean Domain resource api calls
  • Oceanex.Resource.Size
    • DigitalOcean Size resource api calls
  • Oceanex.Resource.Volume
    • DigitalOcean BlockStorage and BlockStorageAction resource api calls
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