Pharaoh Configure

PHP Infrastructure as Code, Configuration Management and Command Line for everything Digital Ocean

Pharaoh Tools implements the entire Digital Ocean API at the command line, and also provides a PHP based platform for Infrastructure as Code and , so you can manage, create, destroy in complex or simple patterns from single commands.

You can perform all of the functions around how to create, configure and manage nodes in small or large amounts on Digital Ocean, from bulk, or parallel, and version your infrastructure as simply as you would any other PHP file. We have lots of text and video tutorials.

You can run the client on any major operating system (Ubuntu, Windows, Mac, Redhat/CentOS),

Changing Configuration can be as simple as editing PHP files in your application, and you can leave the heavy lifting of performing the actual changes to the functions in the software, letting you get on with developing great applications.

by: Pharaoh Tools June 27, 2015 Visit Site
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