How To Setup Red5 on Ubuntu 12.10


Red5 is a popular program written in Java that lets you stream audio/video files (FLV/F4V/MP4/3GP/MP3/F4A/M4A/AAC), record streams (FLV), and supports various protocols (RTMP/RTMPT/RTMPS/RTMPE).

To get started, we will spin up Ubuntu 12.10 x64 cloud server:

Install Red5

apt-get install -y red5-server

This will install Red5 to /usr/share/red5

To start red5:

service red5-server start

Your server will now listen on these default ports:

RTMP: 1935

Debug proxy: 1936

HTTP servlet: 5080

RTMPT: 8088

At this point you are all done installing Red5, and now you need to add your Red5 application to /usr/share/red5/webapps

You can develop your own application using Eclipse IDE. There are many commercial applications available for Red5, as well as free applications.

There is also an online Red5 App Generator available here.

It will let you create RTMP streaming application:

Here is an example of how to install a free Red5 Chat application:

cd /usr/share/red5/webapps
wget "http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/freered5chat/red5chat_v2.2_Freedevelopment.net.zip"
unzip red5chat_v2.2_Freedevelopment.net.zip
mv red5chat_v2.2_Freedevelopment.net/* .

Restart Red5:

/etc/init.d/red5-server restart

Navigate over to your cloud server's IP port 5080 ( in our case):

And you are all done!

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