12 AI Podcasts That Will Boost Your Understanding of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an increasingly important topic of discussion, as its applications continue to expand across various industries—from healthcare and finance to transportation and entertainment. Whether you’re a business owner looking to leverage AI business tools to improve your operations or an individual curious about how this technology is shaping our future, AI podcasts can help you stay up to date. From enthusiastic advocates to critical voices, these podcasts offer various perspectives, ensuring you receive a well-rounded understanding of the AI landscape.

If you’re not paying attention, you risk missing out on crucial AI and ML developments that could affect you, professionally or personally. Google’s AlphaFold 2 AI system has made significant progress in predicting the 3D structure of proteins, which could accelerate research in drug discovery and biology. NVIDIA’s GANverse3D AI model can create realistic 3D models of objects from 2D images, showcasing advancements in computer vision and graphics. By listening to AI podcasts, you can stay informed about these developments and gain valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges they present for you and your business. Read on for a curated list of AI podcasts that provide you with the knowledge you need to navigate the world of artificial intelligence.

12 AI podcasts you should listen to

From in-depth discussions on the latest breakthroughs to thought-provoking conversations about the ethical implications of AI, these twelve podcasts cover a wide range of topics that will keep you informed.

1. No Priors

In No Priors, hosts Elad Gil, a serial entrepreneur and startup investor, and Sarah Guo, founder of investment firm Conviction, guide you through the AI revolution. The podcast features engaging discussions with leading AI engineers, researchers, and founders, addressing critical questions about the future of AI and its impact on various aspects of life and business.

By tuning in, you’ll gain valuable insights into the latest developments in AI research, the potential disruptions in different markets, and the ways in which AI may transform commerce, culture, and society. With their extensive experience in the tech industry and startup world, Gil and Guo provide a unique and informed perspective on the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

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2. AI & I

In AI & I, host Dan Shipper, co-founder and CEO of Every, a daily newsletter focused on technology, productivity, and AI, explores how the smartest people in the world are using AI to improve their thinking, creativity, and relationships. Each week, Shipper interviews various guests, including founders, filmmakers, writers, and investors, to learn how they incorporate AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude, and Midjourney into their work and daily lives. He’s interviewed AI researcher Linus Lee on how he uses ChatGPT and Notion AI in his work, psychiatrist Peter D. Kramer on the impact of technology like ChatGPT on our self-perception, and economist Tyler Cowen on the potential effects of ChatGPT on the job market.

Through screen-sharing historical chats and live experimentation with AI during the show, listeners gain insights into the practical applications of these tools and how they transform how we perceive and interact with the world around us. Tune in to discover innovative ways to leverage AI in your own projects and gain a deeper understanding of its impact on our personal and professional lives.

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3. Latent Space: The AI Engineer Podcast

In Latent Space: The AI Engineer Podcast, hosts Alessio Fanelli, Partner & CTO at Decibel, and swyx, a writer and curator, dive deep into the evolving world of AI engineering. As the go-to podcast for AI engineers, Latent Space is for listeners seeking insights into the latest news, research papers, and interviews in Software 3.0.

The show covers topics like foundation models, code generation, multimodality, AI agents, and GPU infrastructure. It features interviews with key players from industry-leading companies such as OpenAI, tiny, Databricks/MosaicML, and Modulari. Latent Space offers listeners a unique blend of comprehensive analysis of the current AI landscape and forward-looking discussions on the technologies that will shape the industry’s future.

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4. The Gradient Podcast

The Gradient Podcast is a deeply researched and technical podcast that features in-depth interviews with experts discussing artificial intelligence and technology. Hosted, recorded, researched, and produced by Daniel Bashir, the podcast is part of The Gradient, a non-profit organization run by a team of graduate students, researchers, and engineers from various institutions and companies.

The Gradient’s mission is to make AI more accessible to the general public and to facilitate meaningful discussions within the AI community. The Gradient Podcast offers a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in AI, showcasing conversations with a diverse range of professionals in the field and exploring the latest trends and developments in artificial intelligence.

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5. The TWIML AI Podcast

The TWIML AI Podcast, hosted by industry analyst, speaker, and commentator Sam Charrington, explores the impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence on businesses and people’s lives. The podcast aims to make ML and AI more accessible by sharing the insights and experiences of a diverse group of researchers, practitioners, and innovators in the field. Listeners take an audio deep dive into topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, natural language processing, neural networks, analytics, computer science, and data science.

Notable episodes include discussions on the potential of large language models as a path to AGI with Ben Goertzel, using deep learning and Google Street View to estimate demographics with Timnit Gebru, and exploring OpenAI’s automated code generation API, Codex, with Greg Brockman. With its diverse topics and expert guests, the podcast is a valuable resource for ML/AI researchers, data scientists, engineers, and tech-savvy business and IT leaders looking to stay informed about the latest developments in AI.

Where to listen:

6. Practical AI

Practical AI aims to make artificial intelligence accessible, productive, and practical for everyone. Produced by Changelog, the podcast is part of a lineup that includes shows like The Changelog, JS Party, Ship It!, Go Time, and Founders Talk, all of which cover various aspects of software development, open source, startups, and the people behind them. Hosted by Chris Benson, a Principal Artificial Intelligence Strategist, and Daniel Whitenack, a Ph.D. trained data scientist and founder of Prediction Guard, the show features lively discussions with technology professionals, business people, students, enthusiasts, and expert guests.

The podcast covers a wide range of AI topics, including machine Learning, deep learning, neural networks, GANs, MLOps, AIOps, and large language models (LLMs). Listeners can hear interesting discussions comparing Gemini and OpenAI models and exploring the legal consequences of generated content.

Where to listen:

7. The Cognitive Revolution

The Cognitive Revolution digs into the world of artificial intelligence, hosted by Nathan Labenz, founder and former CEO of Waymark. Labenz aims to help business, policy, and academic leaders stay informed about the latest AI developments and their implications.

The podcast features in-depth interviews with notable builders, researchers, and investors, as well as original deep-dive analyses. The show covers a wide range of subjects, from the AI revolution in biology to the potential timeline for achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Where to listen:

8. Eye on AI

Eye on AI is a biweekly podcast hosted by Craig S. Smith, an award-winning, longtime correspondent for The New York Times. The podcast offers a unique blend of news, insights, and data focused on the fast-moving artificial intelligence sector. In each episode, Smith speaks with individuals making a significant impact in the field.

Past episodes have covered the future of programming with AI-powered code generation, the evolution of AI music, and the potential extinction threat posed by AI. The podcast aims to contextualize incremental advances in AI and consider the global implications of this rapidly developing technology, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to how AI is poised to change our world.

Where to listen:

9. Me, Myself and AI

Me, Myself and AI is a podcast series created by MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) that explores how companies have achieved big wins with AI. The show is co-hosted by Sam Ransbotham, a professor at Boston College, and Shervin Khodabandeh, a senior partner and managing director at BCG. In each episode, they chat with leaders who have successfully leveraged AI within their organizations, uncovering the key factors contributing to their triumphs.

The show has covered the hype and skepticism surrounding AI, as discussed in an episode featuring economist Paul Romer, and the application of generative AI to solve real user problems, as explored in a conversation with Jackie Rocca from Slack. Listen in for insights into the strategies and best practices employed by companies that have effectively harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and the challenges and opportunities that arise along the way.

Where to listen:

10. The AI Podcast by Nvidia

The AI Podcast by Nvidia is a bi-weekly show that delves into artificial intelligence and its impact on our lives. The show is hosted by Noah Kravitz, a long-time Bay Area journalist who has built one of YouTube’s most successful Science and Technology channels and written about society-changing technologies for media outlets like WIRED, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur. The podcast features 25-minute interviews with extraordinary individuals from various fields.

Each episode contributes to creating a real-time oral history of AI, showcasing its influence on various aspects of our world. From an episode featuring Dr. Keith Channon discussing how AI is revolutionizing heart health to another exploring the case for generative AI in the legal field, the podcast highlights the transformative power of artificial intelligence.

Where to listen:

11. In Machines We Trust

In Machines We Trust is an award-winning podcast that ran for four seasons, providing a compelling archive of must-listen episodes that thoughtfully examine the far-reaching impact of artificial intelligence on our daily lives. The podcast was hosted by Jennifer Strong, who previously worked at The Wall Street Journal before becoming the Editorial Director of Audio & Live at MIT Technology Review. The series explores the rise of AI through the voices of people reckoning with the power of the technology.

Produced by MIT Technology Review, the podcast delves into the automation of everything. It’s looked at what it means to entrust artificial intelligence with our most sensitive decisions, from algorithms determining who gets into college or lands a job. The podcast has covered topics like how one vineyard uses AI to improve its winemaking, how retail uses AI to prevent fraud, and how close AI is to decoding our emotions.

Where to listen:

12. DeepMind: The Podcast

DeepMind: The Podcast is a multi-award winning podcast that ran for two seasons, exploring how artificial intelligence is transforming our world. Hosted by Professor Hannah Fry, a mathematician and broadcaster, the podcast is produced by DeepMind, a world-leading AI research lab owned by Google. The series features world-class scientists and thinkers, many speaking publicly for the first time, who join Hannah to explain the foundations of AI, discuss the field’s challenges, and dive into groundbreaking research.

Season one delves into the link between neuroscience and AI, the importance of games, and building safe AI. Season two uncovers how AI is accelerating science and explores the development of artificial general intelligence. Listeners will learn how AI impacts various domains, from healthcare to wildlife conservation and sports.

Where to listen:

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