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MongoDB 7.0 and Advanced Configuration Now Available for DigitalOcean’s Managed Service for MongoDB

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Posted: June 11, 20244 min read

DigitalOcean is thrilled to announce the availability of two new feature enhancements to our Managed Service for MongoDB: MongoDB 7.0 and advanced configuration! Both of these will improve the user experience for MongoDB users, with more to come in the future.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a developer-built, open-source database solution for diverse data needs. This makes it a great database option for businesses or developers building in analytics, IoT, e-commerce, gaming, and more. For a growing digital business it offers flexibility and scalability for dynamic data demands, providing high performance and adaptability.

Why use DigitalOcean Managed Service for MongoDB?

DigitalOcean Managed Service for MongoDB is a fully-managed MongoDB database offering that allows customers to build high-performance applications without having to manage the complexities of infrastructure themselves. With Managed Service for MongoDB, DigitalOcean handles the infrastructure tasks such as provisioning, backups, monitoring, and updates, so you can spend time on the stuff that matters most to you. A simple, user-friendly interface and easy integration with other DigitalOcean products means MongoDB users can focus on building quality applications rather than managing databases.

Our managed MongoDB cloud service offers other great features like:

  • High availability

  • Free daily backups

  • Automatic updates

  • Access to the latest releases

  • Easy scalability

  • End-to-end security

All of these features help to ensure that your MongoDB environment can scale to accommodate growing workloads, provide reliable and efficient database operations, and meet fluctuating workload demands. Plus, predictable pricing—including flat rates and monthly caps—means you can plan into the future with full confidence.

What new features are now available for DigitalOcean Managed Service for MongoDB?

MongoDB 7.0

You can now deploy MongoDB 7.0 on DigitalOcean. Users can spin up new MongoDB 7.0 clusters or upgrade existing MongoDB 6.0 clusters to MongoDB 7.0. With MongoDB 7.0, users will see a wealth of benefits:

  • Enhanced performance: MongoDB 7.0 introduces substantial enhancements for handling time-series data, particularly for demanding and high-volume datasets, giving users:

  • Better storage optimization, compression, and query performance

  • Greater scalability

  • Overall enhanced performance

  • More efficient and cost-effective time-series data management

  • Smoother migration: MongoDB 7.0 introduces enhanced automation, improved compatibility, and robust migration tools that minimize downtime and reduce the risk of errors during transitions. These enhancements help to ensure that your data remains secure and accessible during the migration process.

  • Improved security: MongoDB 7.0 enhances security with Queryable Encryption, a security feature that allows customers to encrypt sensitive data. This feature allows users to perform queries on encrypted data without decrypting it first. This supports the confidentiality of the data while still enabling efficient data retrieval and manipulation. This security measure helps developers to have peace of mind knowing that their applications, and their data, are better secured.

To learn more about using MongoDB 7.0 on DigitalOcean, check out these resources:

Advanced Configuration for DigitalOcean Managed Service for MongoDB

DigitalOcean now supports various advanced configuration options for MongoDB. With this feature enhancement, you can now update MongoDB database configuration parameters via the DigitalOcean API. As of June 2024, users will be able to update only a specific subset of parameters, and you can see that full list in the DigitalOcean API documentation. We are planning to add support for more parameters in the future, based on user needs.

Advanced configuration benefits your MongoDB database environment in multiple ways:

  • Better insight into database performance: Get better-than-ever insights into your database and its performance with configurations that help easily centralize your log data and control log verbosity.

  • Granular control over your environment: The ability to change configuration parameters provides users with more granular control over their database environment, allowing them to tailor settings and configurations to their exact specifications or application needs.

  • Further database customization: Create a more customized database environment that meets their specific application needs. This customization further empowers businesses to maximize the value of their database investment, drive innovation, and quickly adapt to changing application and database needs.

To learn more about advanced configuration for MongoDB, check out our documentation:

DigitalOcean’s Managed Service for MongoDB offering is a powerful, fully-managed database engine that allows you to build scalable, high-performance applications. And because it’s from DigitalOcean, you know you’re getting a reliable, affordable solution that’s easy to use—with pricing that starts at $15/month.

Ready to see what DigitalOcean Managed Service for MongoDB can do for you? Get started by spinning up an instance today.

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