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Deployments and solutions

Engineering teams, from early stage startups to large enterprises, rely on DigitalOcean to quickly build, test and deploy applications at scale.

Developers can easily run distributed web applications, workloads to process and analyze massive datasets, run automated testing of code, and deploy open source monitoring and logging tools.


"...DigitalOcean conveniently offers to store pre-fabricated images on its infrastructure, which can then be spun on demand. We bake our video-server software into such an image and also throw in Consul and Telegraf clients."

Ami Blonder for Kik

The building blocks to scale

By offering a seamless and intuitive experience across scalable cloud services, software teams can innovate faster using the open source tools they love.

  • High availability from the start

    Quickly set up Load Balancers to easily distribute incoming traffic across your infrastructure or customize your HA setup with Floating IPs.

  • Droplet types for multiple workloads

    Deploy standard SSD-based Droplets for multi-purpose use cases or deploy High Performance Droplets such as High Memory for databases and in-memory caching, or Optimized Droplets for compute-heavy workloads.

  • Data storage and replication

    Scale your block storage independent of compute resources to suit your application, database, file storage, and backup needs.

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Automation and orchestration with the tools you already use

Configure, manage, and scale your infrastructure using many of the popular DevOps tools that already integrate. Or leverage the DigitalOcean API and open source libraries to manage resources in a simple, programmatic way using conventional HTTP requests.

Automation and orchestration with the tools you already use
Global availability

Global availability

Deliver great experiences to your users with 12 worldwide regions equipped with Tier-1 bandwidth, and redundant 40G hypervisor connections.



99.99% uptime SLA around network, power, virtual server and block storage availability.



Datacenters are individually audited and certified by various internationally-recognized compliance standards including SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI-DSS and ISO 27001.

Free premier support

Free premier support

Reduce technical support costs by up to 20%. You'll automatically receive free Premier Support when your workloads exceed $500/month.

Collaboration and administration

  • Team accounts

    Enable unified collaboration to manage and scale your infrastructure with distinct user roles, one invoice, and no shared credentials.

  • Free native monitoring and alerting

    Gain insight into the performance of your infrastructure, and receive alerts when problems arise – at no additional cost.

Collaboration and administration
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Engineering teams will receive access to these additional features and services when exceeding $500/month in usage.

  • Premium 24/7 support at no additional cost
  • Account management
  • Architecture and service help
  • Free trial
  • Additional payment terms

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