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Community DO-ers

Here are some of the awesome folks who make the community better through the people they bring together and content they create—our DO-ers.
  • Jeevanandam M.

    Jeevanandam M.

    Since early 2014, he has maintained a widely used DigitalOcean API client library written in Java. The client is used by the Jenkins DigitalOcean plugin, powering a large quantity of CI use cases on top of DigitalOcean. We are immensely thankful for Jeeva’s commitment to quality and community.

  • Lorenzo Setale

    Lorenzo Setale

    Anyone who has spun up Droplets using the python-digitalocean Python library will be familiar with tireless Lorenzo’s work. He has long authored and maintained one of the most used and best supported DigitalOcean API libraries. Thanks to Lorenzo for the technology that keeps on giving.

  • Peter Souter

    Peter Souter

    Peter is an open source citizen that leads by example, “as long as people are interested I will keep maintaining and helping with open source software I maintain.” (source) is what he has said in regards to his work on Tugboat, a CLI that predates doctl. Thanks for all your work, we appreciate it all.