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Community DO-ers

Here are some of the awesome folks who make the community better through the content they create and the value they add—our DO-ers.
  • Marko Mudrinić

    Marko Mudrinić

    Marko is one of the most prolific users on our community Q&A platform. He's also written some great tutorials like his post on how to use doctl—the DigitalOcean CLI tool—and his post on installing Prometheus. The work Marko does on Kubicorn helps users install Kubernetes on DigitalOcean.

  • Mateusz Papiernik

    Mateusz Papiernik

    Mateusz has been sharing his technical expertise with us for many years, which you can enjoy in the dozens of tutorials he has published on topics from ProxySQL to Nginx optimization . His enthusiasm and drive to aid others shines through in both his writing and his collaboration with our editorial team.

  • Peter Hsu

    Peter Hsu

    Peter is an organizer of the DigitalOcean Meetup group in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It’s one of our most active Meetups with nearly 600 members and nine events in 2017—including the first Hacktoberfest event of the year. He is also the maintainer of the CDNJS which helps to power millions of websites across the globe.