500 Internal Server Error accessing Gravity Forms uploaded images/files

August 21, 2015 5.5k views
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Hi there,

I have trouble accessing images and files uploaded through Gravity Forms in the /wp-content/uploads/gravityforms/xxxxx directories. A peek into the Apache error log says “/var/www/dev/wp-content/uploads/gravityforms/.htaccess: Options not allowed here”. The .htaccess file looks like this http://d.pr/i/1kMWy

Regular WP uploads in /wp-content/uploads are fine.

Please advise.

4 Answers

Hi Kint,

Thanks for you answer.

Here it is:

<Directory /var/www>
Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride FileInfo

I modified the third line to become AllowOverride FileInfo Options so it is now:

<Directory /var/www>
Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride FileInfo Options

Seems to have fixed the issue but is this the correct way?

Can you post the <Directory /var/www/> section of your Apache config? The answer is in there. You need to specify which Overrides can be allowed from an htaccess file.

Pretty sure it is, yes. It was what I was about to suggest.

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