Access MariaDB with galera cluster in other droplet

March 27, 2017 1.9k views
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I followed the steps in the tutorial below:

Everything worked perfectly and now I would like to know how do I access the database via mysqlworkbench and create the tables.

I tried to access but I could not. I went via ssh and I got the error: bad conversion.
I accessed via Standart TCP/IP over SSH.

I intend to access the bank of another droplet using php, to which of the 2 ips do I point? For the one of the first droplet of mariadb?

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jtittle1 March 27, 2017
Accepted Answer


That specific tutorial is setting up an active-active cluster, thus it shouldn't really matter which node you connect to, though for the purpose of getting things working, I'd connect to the primary, which would be the one you ran galera_new_cluster on -- galera-node-01 in the guide.

Since they are all binding to using:


You should be able to connect remotely using your Droplets Public IPv 4 IP without any issues. If you're not able to connect, try disabling ufw temporarily and then try to reconnect.

ufw disable

@jtittle this config bind-address= works for me! Thank you very much!

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