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January 7, 2018 4.2k views
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So I have gone too long without having the debugger enabled when I am developing on my Ubuntu web server running Python with Flask. I got the debugger to run at ’ ’ after running the command ’ flask run ’, but I am unsure how to access the debugger this way? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

1 Answer is the local loopback interface. It will only be accessible from the server itself. If you need to access it remotely, start the app using:

flask run --host=

This tells it to bind to all interfaces, including the public network. This will make it available at your public IP address on port 5000.

Do keep in mind this important note from the Flask documentation about why it defaults to running locally:

If you run the server you will notice that the server is only accessible from your own computer, not from any other in the network. This is the default because in debugging mode a user of the application can execute arbitrary Python code on your computer.

  • I ended up just installing python locally and testing everything locally instead of all remotely, but this might still be used in the future. Thank you!

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