Adding Cloudflare IP ranges to Cloud Firewall

June 13, 2017 5.7k views
Firewall Ubuntu 16.04

Hi, I tried to add Cloudflare’s IPs to my Cloudflare rule, but some ips are allowed but some other are not. Any idea why this could be happened?


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  • Incidentally, Cloudflare's IP ranges evolve over time. You'll have to update it occasionally.

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hansen June 13, 2017
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Hi @tmb13

I've just tried to add every CloudFlare IP to the DO Firewall - and it works, but you have to wait about 1 second before hitting Enter-key otherwise it sometimes adds All IPv4.

But looking at the picture, it looks like there's a space or another spacial character in front of (marked as red). Use the plain text lists instead.

If anyone else is interested in adding CloudFlare, then you can find the lists here: - I would recommend using the plain text lists.

  • Ah yes, I was thinking to separate the list by spacing, instead of pressing enter key

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