Addtitional disk space

July 30, 2013 8.7k views
Hello, Is there an option to get more HDD disk space to your droplet?
7 Answers
Unfortunately, increasing only the disk space is not possible. To add additional disk space, you have to migrate your droplet to a larger plan.
Such conditions will be on a permanent basis or this is a temporary restriction?
This is a restriction that forces users away from digitalocean.
I see myself forced to rent disk space on a 4th party and have it mounted in my droplet.
Thought that Digital Ocean would be user friendly here. I just need more disk space...

Something new on this issue? I see, there isn’t an option yet, but is something in planning? Additional disk space without upgrading the whole machine would be very helpful. Thx

Any news for the feature yet?

depends on how much more disk you need. just get a new $5 or $10 droplet and you will get 20G/30G, which is still relatively cheaper than just renting disks from other cloud hosting companies. Then mount them to your more powerful machine!

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