API indicates a size is available in a region, but the region itself is not listed as available

Posted March 27, 2019 2.5k views

I’m new to the API, and I’m trying to understand the relationship between Regions and Sizes. I figured that they would have a concrete relationship: if the region is available, and has a certain size in the size array, then I expect to see that when I list the sizes, and search the regions array, it will map directly to the region data.

However, if I list the regions, it reports NYC1 and NYC3, but not NYC2. To me this indicates that NYC2 is not available for new droplets. However, if I list the available sizes, I see NYC1, NYC2, and NYC3 listed as available regions.

Is there a correct way to build a mapping starting with choosing a region, then for that reason list available sizes, and finally available images.

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The best way to tell what sizes are available for create is to use the /v2/regions part of the API. You can use /v2/sizes to draw the correlation on the slug for the details of a specific size that is available.

For example, as of the time of my comment the size s-16vcpu-64gb is not available in NYC2. Under /v2/sizes it does list nyc2 as an available region, but under /v2/regions it does not list the size as available under the nyc2 region.

I hope that makes sense :)


  • I already have my database loaded with the data using the API, my issue is interpreting it correctly. Going from the region list, it says one thing for the available sizes, but going from sizes, it says another thing for available regions. Is one more authoritative than the other?

    • Yes, the /v2/regions endpoint will be the authority on which sizes are available at this particular moment in that region. These are subject to change as we increase capacity in regions and deploy new servers, allowing us to add certain sizes to those regions.