can I install a cpanel in vps running debian?

August 9, 2015 8.3k views
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I have a VPS droplet running debian that has been setup and working, but I need to manage it.

I am used to using Cpanel, but it’s not installed on this server. I would like it.

I know many will say it’s not the best way to do it… but I either need to install something i can understand and navigate better, or find an administrator who is available when I need him/her to help with minor management, create backups, add/remove ftp users, etc.

The only purpose of my droplet is to host a WPMU multisite install, currently has about 11 sites on network, hopefully will be thousands.

3 Answers

You can install anything you want on your droplets. But you will have to do it yourself.

Cpanel cannot run on any other OS other than centos. I installed it Cpanel in my droplet but it took me a while to figure out everything. So if you don’t have much experience with linux administration this might be a somewhat challenging task.

You cannot run cPanel on Debian

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