Can i upgrade mi VPS with out risk?

July 11, 2015 2.3k views
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Hi!, i’m using ISPConfig 3 on multi server setup (ubuntu 14.04, Apache2, MySQL), and i need improve HD space of the web server.

I think this procedure is posible but i don’t know if is 100% safe:

Power off web server VPS (hostname web1).
Take web1 snapshot.
Destroy web1 VPS.
Create new VPS with same name (web1) using web1 snapshot.

I saw that some times if i destroy VPS and create it again with the same hostname it keep same IP, that is posible?.

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You can resize your drolplet without any risks, but not that way. Best thing you can do is the following:

Power off droplet
Create snapshot as backup
In your droplet options click resize and click on an expanded droplet
The droplet will now get expanded and you will get more resources

This should work, hope this will help you

Thanks!!, i saw that the “new feature” permanent resize can upgrade HD, now i did the operation in just few minutes, great improvement on Digital Ocean service!!

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