Can I use domain on Cloudflare with digital ocean?

March 17, 2017 6.5k views
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I just created a droplet and migrated the wordpress files from This domain is currently in cloudflare. Is it possible to keep the domain in cloudflare and route it to Digital Ocean? I would like to continue using Cloudflare for DDOS protection.
Is there a way around?

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jtittle1 March 17, 2017
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Of course, all you'd need to do is point your domain to the Public IPv4 IP of your Droplet using either two A entries or a single A and a CNAME, depending on how you want to set it up.

Using Only A Entries

A          @          DROPLET_IP
A          www        DROPLET_IP

Using A and CNAME Entries

A          @          DROPLET_IP
CNAME      www

Where DROPLET_IP is the Droplet's Public IPv4 IP and is your domain.

  • Thanks for the help, is successfully setup. But now I have a problem with database error, it goes down occasionally.

    • @srjcooldude

      No problem at all, happy to help!

      If you're having issues with the database, please provide more details as well as the errors that you're receiving and we'll do our best to help you out :-).

Yes, you can. Just edit your DNS records in CloudFlare and point them to your DigitalOcean droplet IP.
Dangit, you're too fast @jtittle ! You must have bought new shoes :-)

After doing this, would it then be configured to accept wordpress url configuration for in replace of root for wordpress url and site url?

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