Can I use nautilus file manager on my ubuntu laptop to upload and edit files on my droplet?

July 27, 2019 190 views
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I’m used to ftp'ing into my hostgator server fro nautilus on my ubuntu laptop and using nautilus to upload files and edit files on the server.

Is it possible to use nautilus to do the same with my droplet?

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Hey Alex,

Thanks for replying.

Your solution worked perfectly.

You’re a star!

  • I’m very happy that everything is working for you! :)

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You should be able to use nautilus to edit the files hosted on your droplet. In order to do that you can try to following commands:

  1. Open your terminal and type (if it fails, try with sudo): nautilus-connect-server
  2. Enter the IP address of the droplet: ssh://yourIPaddress
  3. Then enter your username and password.

This should work for you and should be able to see the files on your droplet.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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