can not visit the web app made of angular cli on the digitalocean

Posted January 9, 2017 8k views

I have built a simple web app using angular-cli 2,it works well in the local machine. now i tried to deploy it onto a digitalocean server,enter image description here

however when going to the web server link with http://ip address:4200, i can’t visit the web app.

Note: I can make sure the firewall is open to the web application on that port since in ufw status shows 4200 ALLOW Anywhere

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no, there is no specific error on both web browser side or server side. On the web browser side, it just show me ‘This site can’t be reached, refused to connect.’

  • @helxsz628c1fbb91ed801cedb2

    Ok, please try using:

    ng serve --host=IP_ADDRESS

    Where IP_ADDRESS is either or your Droplet’s Public IP address. You don’t need to specify the port here, just the IP.

    I just ran both on a new Droplet with Node 7.x installed and it worked perfectly. Hopefully that’ll help get your app up and running so you can continue development.

    • Thanks, jittle, using Droplet’s IP address works well, doesn’t work

      • @helxsz628c1fbb91ed801cedb2

        No problem, though that’s a little strange too. Using should always work, whether it’s NodeJS, NGINX, PHP, Python or whichever language you’re using. That said, as long as the Droplet IP works, then it’s a non-issue as you wouldn’t really push to production using anyway – it’s more of a dev IP that simply allows you to respond to requests on any IP.


Are you receiving any specific error when navigating to the URI (either in-browser or from the CLI)?

You need your local computer to connect to the server via ssh tunneling.
ssh -L 4200:yourdigitaloceanipaddress:4200 user@yourdigitaloceanipaddress
and then
ng -serve host=