Cant log in to my droplet (ubuntu) from putty or Sftp after installing Logstash

Posted October 28, 2020 741 views
Ubuntu 20.04


i cant log in to my droplet from putty or Sftp after installing Logstash
I am trying to connect to the console using “root” as a user and root password (reset it) and doesn’t work

please help !!

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I had to start new answer, I could not reply to an original post anymore.

Thank you for the details. I guess you get graphic user interface (GUI) rather than text console during booting your droplet. Is that right ? Had you got GUI in DO console before this issue started ?

What errors do you get when you are trying to connect (putty, SFTP) or login (DO conslole) ?

  • console -> invalid login
    putty or FTP -> timeout error

    support says SSH on port 22 is blocked

    i can only use the recovery console now to interact with my droplet

    • OK, let’s try something.

      1. First of all, create a snapshot of your droplet. If you get things worse, you will be able to restore the current state. Note that you will be charged for the time when snapshot exists. It is not expensive to have a snapshot for a short period of time, unless its size is huge.

      2. Launch DO recovery console.

      3. Choose from menu Mount Your Disk Image, ensure the filesystem is mounted (something like /dev/vda1 should appear)

      4. Choose Reset Droplet Root Password. Then enter a new password for a root user.

      5. Choose Unmount your Disk Image. Ensure the filesystem is unmounted.

      6. Enter Interactive Shell. Shutdown recovery system.

      shutdown -h now

      7. Launch DO console and try to log in as a root.

      Let me know how it works.

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