Cloudflare causing too many redirects

March 18, 2018 314 views
Apache Ubuntu 16.04

Hi Everyone!

I recently created a droplet for my website and successfully installed the Lets Encrypt Certificate.

After that, i signed up with cloudflare, turned off the cloudflare SSL and updated the nameservers. Since then, when i try to open my website, it displays the error: " TOO many Redirections".

When I pause the cloudflare, it starts working fine again.

When the Lets Encrypt certificate was not installed, cloudflare and digitalocean were working fine together.

Can someone please tell me how can i correct this error and make cloudflare and digitalocean work together again?

2 Answers
sid431 March 18, 2018
Accepted Answer

Problem Resolved by changing SSL settings in cloudflare to FULL

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