curl API call to redirect MX record to a subdomain?

November 23, 2016 2.4k views
Ubuntu Email API DNS

I need to set my MX records pointing to mailgun to for use with an email service provider. How can I do this via curl without making an actual subdomain? Somebody said here this is possible with the API, but he didn’t say how.

1 Answer

If you’re looking to create an MX record for the subdomain itself (vs pointing the MX to a subdomain like you would need to use a different DNS service to delegate DNS for the subdomain. DigitalOcean’s DNS doesn’t currently support subdomain delegation but will allow you to create the record for the subdomain.

If you’re just looking to create an MX record for your domain and point it to mailgun you can use the API to create the MX record itself. This section of the API documentation includes and example of the curl command to do this.

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