Destroy a droplet and keep the backups

August 20, 2014 5.7k views

If we not tick the "Scrub Data" option while destroying a droplet what will happen? Will it delete the associated backups? or will it keep the backups?

2 Answers

If you destroy a droplet, the backups associated with it will also be destroyed. If you want to keep a copy of the droplet after you destroy it, you must take a snapshot before doing so.

When a long running droplet is destroyed, a temporary snapshot that lasts 48 hours is created:

  • so my question is, what is the use of scrubdata option?

  • "Scrub data" overwrites the area of the hard drive that used to contain your virtual server with 0s in order to ensure no one can attempt to recover the data that used to exist there.

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