DNS / Domain taking too long to respond

February 25, 2019 566 views
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For some reason I can connect to my droplet using https://www.quentinmccarthy.co.nz/ and it loads, but all the resources are pointing at https://quentinmccarthy.co.nz/. While normally that’s fine, because both of those URL’s point to the same thing. But for some reason the latter one isn’t working, and it’s breaking the former one. If I try to connect to the latter, firefox tells me it took too long to respond and it just won’t work. I’ve tried updating the DNS records multiple times (both the former and latter point to the IP of the droplet and the TTL is default) but it’s just not working. I need this to work for work, so if I could get some help that’d be great.

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jarland MOD February 25, 2019
Accepted Answer

Hey friend!

I was able to load it fine with or without the www. I believe what occurred is that the root domain A record was either missing or not set correctly, and then once you fixed it your system had already performed a lookup for the A record recently, forcing you to wait for the TTL to run out so your system would check for a new record (commonly referred to as DNS propagation). I would bet that everything is working well from your end now as well.


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