Domain name or subdomain name for setting up VPN on CentOS 7

May 20, 2017 1.7k views

Running CentOS 7 1611 on a HP pavilion g7 laptop.
I want to set this PC up as a VPN server. In the tutorial i found here @ DigitalOcean it says I need a domain or subdomain name to do this. I am an retired Unix Admin but I never did any work on the network side, we had a whole team that did that. So my question is how do I find out what my subdomain or domain name for this PC is? If I have to set it up myself how do I do that?
Thank you in advance for your help.

1 Answer

@raygolost your PC should have a static IP address, then you need to buy a domain name from any domain service registrar and add a DNS record which points to your static IP address.

Hope this helps.

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