Enabling HTTP/2 support (Ubuntu 16.04.04/LAMP)

April 4, 2018 4k views
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Hi there!

I'd like to enable the HTTP/2 protocol for my WordPress based website, on a LAMP stack. I see there's a tutorial for NGINX here in DO's tutorials, but can't get a comprehensive one for Apache. Browsing around, I understand there's a solution installing Apache through Ondrej Launchpad PPA, but I'm not sure whether this is fine on a production server.

Any comment, advice or solution very much welcomed! ; )

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jasonjpeters April 4, 2018
Accepted Answer


The instructions here will help you with that.

Once you have an SSL installed you will need to update the WordPress URL

  • Thanks Jason, but I'm wondering if we're not confusing HTTP/2 and HTTPS here... Although it's strongly recommended to run the HTTP/2 protocol with an SSL certificate, I'm not quite sure installing Certbot (already did time ago through this tutorial) automatically triggers that protocol. Am I wrong?

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