Floating IP can't be accessed via browser, ping and ssh

July 31, 2016 3.1k views
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I've added a floating IP but the IP address just won't work. Pinging the newly created floating IP will get request timeout for icmp_seq 0. SSH also doesn't work.
I have tried changing my domain name A record to the floating IP but then the website just won't load anymore and I am forced to change it back to the original IP.

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tishma September 15, 2016
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In my case - it was a missing firewall rule that prevented my droplet from responding. The thing is that I've assigned the floating IP while my droplet was off. However, I've unassigned, and when assigning again, I got the nice popup with hint that droplets created before some time in 2015 must manually be added a firewall rule. After I did that all was good.

  • Thank you very much. Following the pop up after unassign and assinging worked!

  • My droplet wasn't powered off when I assigned the floating IP, but I never got the firewall upgrade notification. Taking off the IP and assigning it again fixed the issue for me.

Please make sure that you have assigned the floating IP to your droplet. There is a tutorial available on it here:

A DigitalOcean Floating IP is a publicly-accessible static IP address that can be mapped to one of your Droplets. A Floating IP can also be instantly remapped, via the DigitalOcean Control Panel or API, to one of your other Droplets in the same datacenter. This instant remapping capability grants you the ability to design and create High Availability (HA) server infrastructures by adding redundancy to the entry point, or gateway, to your servers.
  • Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have followed that exact tutorial and it's not working as per the question. My screen looks exactly like the screenshots in the tutorial (obviously with the differences being the IP and the Droplet name).

    • Can you ping the droplet IP directly?

      • Yes, I have been using that Droplet for sometime now. I can SSH into the IP directly, pinging it and use it with domain names.

        I don't know if this helps, but both my Droplet are in LON1.

        • It sounds like the Floating IP has not been assigned properly. Try assigning your Floating IP to the Droplet again.

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