Free $50 Credit available on use of Debit Card or PayPal?

January 4, 2019 39.5k views
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I am willing to purchase droplets from DigitalOcean as they are the cheapest and the best option currently available in my country. However as mentioned in the question, is the free $50 credit available for use if I use a Debit Card or PayPal to sign up and make payments?

It doesn’t sound good to ask such a question but simply put the plans being cheap are difficult for me to pay as I am a student who has no income whatsoever. So a 1 month headstart will prove to be of much help for me as I host my WebSite. Also is it that the credit has to be used in collaboration with actual payments by us?

Thanks in advance.

4 Answers

If you use the $50, 30-day credit, it will be added to your account once you save a valid credit card or link a paypal account. (If you use Paypal, you will have to prepay at least $5 because we don’t currently do Paypal subscription billing, only pay-as-you-go.)

To get the credit: If you know someone using DigitalOcean already, get their referral link Or use mine!

  • How does it expire? 30 days after the credit was added, any remaining credit will be zeroed out. If you continue to use our paid services after the 30 days your card will be charged at the beginning of the following month.
  • What products can I use the credit on? You can use it on any services provided by DigitalOcean, for example all Droplet plans, Spaces object storage, Block Storage, Load Balancers, even Kubernetes!

Can I use all my $50 credit in buying a droplet for 10 months.