Horizontal scaling with MongoDB and Nodejs

February 14, 2019 943 views
Node.js MongoDB Nginx Load Balancing Ubuntu 18.04


I have a web application running on a single droplet, powered by Node.js + MongoDB + nginx on the same machine. Application traffic is increasing and I would like to scale my servers, so it will have 3 servers, one for MongoDB, second and third would be web servers.

My question is: how do I setup my mongodb server? Can I make it accessible only from my web servers, or it is possible to create some sort of “local network” on Digital Ocean, so only 1 IP (load balancer) could be seen from the Internet.

Also, any tips on making this setup are welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes you can use the LB as your front facing IP. The LB can also use your internal network’s IP to connect. You’ll just need to be in the same DC and enable private network on all nodes.


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