How can I configure a sub domain for a site hosted on azure?

August 22, 2016 4.8k views
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I already have configured subdomains which are resolved by my droplet and the are working excellent.

But now what i'm willing to do, is to point a subdomain to an Azure Web Application but i don't understand quite much about how to achieve this.

What I did (with no results) is to create a CNAME register with my sub domain name to my azure web app domain. For example: 1800 IN CNAME

How should I work this out?

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  • Hi @patorodriguez10 Creating a CNAME is exactly what you want to do in this case. Sometimes DNS can take awhile to propagate. Are you still experiencing problems or does your subdomain resolve now?

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@asb @ryanpq Thanks for the answer guys! Finally the CNAME settings where fine. I made some more research and then I figured out I just had to activate the "custom domain" feature on the corresponding azure Web App Service. And that, with the cname, did the trick!

Thank you both again!

You can find more information on setting up DNS records via the DigitalOcean control panel here. It does sound like you have set up the correct records, is your subdomain resolving now?

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